World Water Day! Sri Lanka celebrates three new water systems

by Naomi Schalm, Staff Writer

On March 22nd people and organizations around the globe celebrated World Water Day. At GHNI, we highlighted several stories on our website of successful water projects that many of you made possible through your generosity and compassion. You are helping men, women and children live healthier, empowered lives! Thank you!

Here’s a new story that we just received of how villagers in Sri Lanka have brand new access to plentiful, disease-free water. Two women from the villages of Udaragama and Lelwala give their responses to the two new wells and a water catchment your support helped to build.

“We live on a hill top which is about 60 feet high. Throughout the year the biggest main problem that we have is drinking water. We were unable to be victorious in this challenge that we faced. GHNI constructed a large well and it is sufficient to supply water for the whole village. Now the water is not only sufficient for us but also for our animals and vegetation. This is a great blessing for the whole village.” Mrs. Janathi, Udaragama.

“We live in Lelwala. The biggest problem that we have is water. We have to travel a long distance for drinking water. Among other life struggles, we had to find additional time and energy for the collection of water. During the rainy season we are helpless as the water turns muddy in color and cannot be used. The well that GHNIl constructed has relieved us from our water problems. Now we have water throughout the year.” Mrs. Siripala, Lelwala.