Women’s Hygiene Poses Threat

Originally posted by Bethany on the GHNI website.
BT Village, Nepal

Women of BT Village in Nepal

Women of BT Village in Nepal

“Lana and I stood at the door of a wooden hut chatting with the mother of the house about their living conditions,” shares Hal Jones, GHNI President. He and his wife, Lana, had just returned from visiting BT Village in Nepal with horrific stories about these women’s hygiene conditions. He continued, “She explained to Lana that all the women in the village must stay in a shed next to the house when they have their monthly period, since they are ‘unclean’ and have no sanitary napkins.”

This is not an uncommon scenario amongst the rural villages with whom we work. In fact, women who are able to find work risk their jobs due to high rates of absenteeism during their menstrual cycle.

Girls reaching puberty often drop out of school because of poor attendance.

All of this is due to lack of proper hygiene during menstruation.

“Another woman explained that she has never used a pit latrine because the village has none, so at night she must go into the forest near the home to relieve herself. She explained there are tigers active in the forest and she is afraid,” said Hal Jones of his recent visit to Nepal. In fact, one in three women worldwide risk shame, disease, harassment, and even attack because they do not have a toilet. These same women can spend up to 97 billion hours each year looking for somewhere to relieve themselves.

Additionally, bathing had been a problem for the women in BT Village due to lack of water access. Fortunately villagers have solved the water problem with the recent construction of a well in their village. The next step will be to teach the villagers about proper sanitation and hygiene.

Help women, like those in Nepal, have a safe and dignified way to care for their needs—provide Feminine Hygiene Kits to women in rural villages!

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