Villagers Excited for Expansion

Originally posted on the GHNI website

GHNI leaders in Afghanistan reveal plans for expansion from one village where Transformational Community Development (TCD) has proven a success.

*Q Village, Afghanistan

Villagers are happy to see us!

Villagers are happy to see us!

“Earlier this year we met and spoke with local district governors about expanding the work around Q Village to other villages. The local district governor visited Q Village with us and we showed him the work we have carried out in the past two years, including health lessons, BLiSS, and the new irrigation system which is helping villagers to increase their yield of fruit and vegetables. They have been discussing which village GHNI can extend its work into and we are waiting to hear from them.

“GHNI will soon visit Q Village again and see how we can extend the irrigation system so even more fields can be put into use. It is a pleasure to work in Q Village and GHNI has maintained a good relationship with them and the elders over the past few years.”

* For purposes of security and well-being, “Q Village” is a pseudonym of the village that is being helped by this project.