Toilets Transform Lives

Originally posted by Bethany on the GHNI website.

 Toilet Construction at Haji Tawang’s House

Toilet Construction at Haji Tawang’s House

Hygiene and sanitation are often not a part of daily life for many villagers that GHNI works alongside. Toilets are a major element missing in their lives. GHNI-Indonesia has been working closely with Haji Tawang’s village in this aspect of Transformational Community Development (TCD) and wants to share this inspiring story with us.

Tanakeke-Cambaloe Village, Indonesia
“This past month we have seen 7 more toilets built in Cambaloe. Haji Tawang’s is by far the most fancy.

“GHNI has spent some time working with the people in Cambaloe, explaining the need for toilets and the purpose of septic pits. The people in Cambaloe have seen some of the toilet construction in our other village on Tanakeke Island and have also seen some of the toilets the government has constructed (which are typically placed next to a well…).

“Some have taken these ideas and expanded on them and made improvements, such as Haji Tawang.

He really wanted to make sure the wall structure was permanent and that it was elevated, so when the rainy season comes the toilet area won’t flood. Haji Tawang does all these improvements on his own as we only provide the concrete rings for the septic pit and the actual ceramic toilet. Haji Tawang provides the cement, rocks, wall materials, and labor.”

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