The Story of Bitrus

Originally posted by Bethany on the Global Hope Network International website.

Villagers in Dogon Gada have known for some time how important it was to find a way to give their children an education. They even started a school without the proper four walls. Now, the school is being fully operated and star pupils are standing out. Here’s one story for you from the GHNI Nigeria team.

Bitrus wants to be a medical doctor someday.

Bitrus wants to be a medical doctor someday.

Dogon Gada, Nigeria

“Quite a lot is going on in Dogon Gada in the area of education, one of the five key elements fundamental to transformation. This month, we present the story of Bitrus, a 13-year old Dukawa boy, a native of Dogon Gada village where he lives with his parents.

“This is what Bitrus has to say about the Dogon Gada Primary School:

‘I am having a good time in this school. This is the first time I am going to school in my life. Our teacher is teaching us well. I came here to get educated so that I can become a medical doctor. I will surely achieve this with the help of God.’”

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