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BLiSS: Birth Life Saving Skills

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As a part of GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) wellness training, Birth Life Saving Skills (BLiSS) has become a critical player, particularly meeting the needs of rural villages in Afghanistan. Our GHNI Afghanistan team explains this need in the context of two of the villages where they are currently conducting TCD. Sheldon*, Afghanistan “Sandak* is […]


Land Yields Wealth

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Mudiyambo, Ethiopia Families in Mudiyambo, Ethiopia are grateful for a new source of income. This wealth came about through the initiative of a women’s group cooperative farm. Here’s the story from the Ethiopia leaders: “The Mudiyambo women group harvested a large quantity of peppers from their cooperative farm-land. The sale of the peppers as well […]

Syrian orphans testing out their new school supplies

March News Behind the News from GHNI

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Section One: GHNI Focus Countries Small businesses are struggling, but hope continues to blossom in a Garden  Jalalabad, the provincial capital of Nangahar Province, sits astride the main trade route between Afghanistan and Pakistan where small industrial enterprises which do not have regular electricity supplies are consequently forced to lay off workers or close completely. […]