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3 Ways Education Ends Extreme Poverty

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Originally posted on the GHNI website “Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability,” proclaims The World Bank. GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) process includes helping villagers provide primary education to every boy and girl in their village. Please read the below […]

Dividing up cuttings in Bamyan Province

New Tree Farmers

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Originally posted by Bethany on the GHNI website “In Kabul Province, GHNI signed contracts with 3 new farmers who were each given 8,000 cuttings. Next year, GHNI will buy back one set of cuttings from the farmers, and will also be given one set as a way to pay back the loan of the cuttings. […]

Toilet Construction at Haji Tawang’s House

Toilets Transform Lives

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Originally posted by Bethany on the GHNI website. Hygiene and sanitation are often not a part of daily life for many villagers that GHNI works alongside. Toilets are a major element missing in their lives. GHNI-Indonesia has been working closely with Haji Tawang’s village in this aspect of Transformational Community Development (TCD) and wants to […]


Sewing Skills Brings Joy and Hope

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Originally posted by Bethany on the Global Hope Network International website   Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt A small pocket of Cairo’s poorest, Ezbit el Amir is a community stuck in a cycle of poverty.  Low literacy rates and few jobs, villagers were without hope before GHNI began a Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. In […]


Land Yields Wealth

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Mudiyambo, Ethiopia Families in Mudiyambo, Ethiopia are grateful for a new source of income. This wealth came about through the initiative of a women’s group cooperative farm. Here’s the story from the Ethiopia leaders: “The Mudiyambo women group harvested a large quantity of peppers from their cooperative farm-land. The sale of the peppers as well […]

Indonesia Health Screening

January Behind the News

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News provided by Global Hope Network International Afghanistan NOMADIC LIFE SHIFTS AND BENEFITS FROM TCD One change that has been brought about by decades of conflict in Afghanistan is the declining numbers of Nomads.  There were once some four million Nomads who roamed with their herds between warmer lowlands in winter and mountain pastures in […]