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Toilet Construction at Haji Tawang’s House

Toilets Transform Lives

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Originally posted by Bethany on the GHNI website. Hygiene and sanitation are often not a part of daily life for many villagers that GHNI works alongside. Toilets are a major element missing in their lives. GHNI-Indonesia has been working closely with Haji Tawang’s village in this aspect of Transformational Community Development (TCD) and wants to […]


Education is Key for Future

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Originally posted by Bethany on the Global Hope Network International website   Villagers have rallied together for the cause of their children and grandchildren.  With great hope on the horizon for future generations, GHNI-Myanmar shares their latest experiences in the village. Thar Yar Kung, Myanmar “Thar Yar Kung is on the road to development. The […]