Students Come from Far and Wide

Students overwhelmed by the opportunity to learn how to use a computer share their experiences with Jitendra, Manager of the Jharkhand Computer Institute. His update on the center will certainly cause you to think differently about technology!

Jharkhand Computer Institute, India

Jharkhand Computer Institute, India


Jharkhand Computer Institute, India

Anand speaks about his new skill:

“My name is Anand. I come from the village. Before joining this computer center, I had not even seen any computer. When I come for my first class in the Jharkhand Computer Institute, I thought I cannot learn. But as I continued my class, l felt good because of my improvement.

“First time when I touched mouse of the computer, my hand started shaking. I was feeling hesitation even to touch it. But now I am happy with my development. I feel like spending whole day learning computer. I am enjoying it and teachers are very helpful and encouraging. I hope I will learn better and do better in future with computer. Thanks to the GHNI.”

Raj shares about his experience:

“I am Raj from the village in Dumka, Jharkhand. When first time I came to Jharkhand Computer Institute, I felt so good. The environment and the discipline of the computer centre attracted me to study here. The theory and the practical classes are being taught by experienced teachers. This is one reason why I have learned many things about computer in a short period of time.

“I am happy with the centre. This is not like other centres where you don’t learn so fast. So, I am very thankful and grateful to GHNI, who helps to change my life.”

Jharkhand Computer Institute run by GHNI has given benefits to lots of people from locality at Dumka Jharkhand, India. Mostly the tribal from Santal community had just heard about the computer, and now they can learn to work with computers from this institute. Students even come to the institute from far away place. Some of them come from approximately 12-20 miles.

In the beginning the students comes hesitatingly because they come from rural area, but when they see the facility of the institute they become relaxed. Each student gets single computer for practical session. We have peaceful environment, good manner, and experienced teachers to attract the students.

So far 900 students have already graduated from the institute. Many of them are working in different sectors. We are thankful and grateful to GHNI because it has provided computer education in remote areas.


Originally posted on the GHNI website


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