Country Of The Month: Myanmar

It’s hard to overstate how historic these days are for the people of Myanmar (also known as Burma). After decades of hardship, there is now much reason for hope. Cries for freedom and transformation are finally being answered – so it appears. As Myanmar moves toward a more democratic society, and international economic sanctions are easing, GHNI is continuing to branch out into different areas of the country to help poor villages transform themselves.

We would love for you to become a part of this story and help the people of Myanmar rise above the traps of poverty and into sustainable development! You can learn more at GHNI by clicking here.

Here’s a clip from GHNI posts in April that tells you a little more of our story in Myanmar:

GHNI has been working in Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis killed close to 140,000 people and left many children orphaned in 2008. Though we have primarily been working in Thar Yar Kung through orphan care, this year marks a new turning point. Just this last January, the village of Thar Yar Kung has decided to take steps toward their own development through our Transformation Community Development (TCD) program.

Before GHNI enters a village, we look for what we call a ‘person of peace’. U Than Win is that person for Thar Yar Kung. He is the village president who is loved and respected by his people. Thanks to him, we have been able to work in this community. He is very enthusiastic about seeing development and transformation strengthen his village.

A lot of what GHNI does through TCD is education through knowledge transfer. It is not building something for the sake of building. Any project we do, we want to do in view of long-term sustainability.

Thar Yar Kung is a model village as GHNI looks to replicate its success elsewhere in Myanmar. In July, GHNI will be returning in order to help develop the capacity of staff and partners to effectively engage with the hidden and hurting peoples of Myanmar.

We are excited by the prospect of branching out to areas of the country that have remained isolated and inaccessible for so long. We invite you to join us in this journey and become a partner and friend to the people of Myanmar. Contact us here to learn how you can “adopt-a-village” or partner with us!

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