Country of the Month: Ethiopia

Country of the Month: Ethiopia

Fatuma, Seada and Kedira are three active volunteers in Global Hope Network International’s project area of Garmaam, Ethiopia.  These women took Transformational Community Development training classes and immediately after tackled one aspect of their lesson on wellness, constructing their own latrines in their compounds.  Having their own latrines rather than using a community latrine help prevents diseases.

These women are also working hard for their village’s education, helping to teach the villagers to send their kids to school.

In the area of food, Fatima, Seada and Kedira  have started a vegetable garden, providing balanced diets for their families.

Global Hope Network International took time to discuss with Fatuma, Seada, and Kedira the impact that the TCD training had on their lives.  They said, “It opened our eyes.” They are now gathering other women from the village to discuss TCD topics during their coffee times. They are using their coffee times to spread with their neighbors how to produce vegetables, generate more income, and to talk about health issues.

GHNI’s next objective is to assist the village with an irrigation project.   In the project, they are hoping to lift water nearly 100 feet from a nearby river bed to the main irrigation ditch for the community. Then gravity do the rest.

We’ll be donating $2 to the project for every bag of coffee purchased in the month October.

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Information on how the village of Garmaam has embraced Transformational Community Development elements of sustainability: water, food, wellness, income, and education adapted from Jeff Latsa, Global Hope Network International Director of Ethiopia.