Country of the Month: Afghanistan

Global Hope Network International has been working arduously in Afghanistan for over 10 years. The month of September highlights there efforts there.

Imagine being a little girl fighting weather and animals for fresh water.

Here’s what Fatima has to say:

“My name is Fatima and I am 9 years old. In my village, high in the mountains, it gets very cold in winter. I help my mother, and one of our jobs is to get water. In the past, we carried the water from a stream a few kilometers down the valley from our house, or from a spring almost two kilometers up the valley from our house.  In winter, the spring was buried by snow and the narrow track to the stream was very icy. I didn’t like walking on it. Now we have a pipeline that brings water from the spring to our village year-round. I am glad that we don’t have to go so far for water anymore. Also, the water is clean.  Before, animals would stand in the pool by the spring and make the water muddy and I did not like to drink from it. Animals also walked in the stream, and people washed their clothes and dishes there.  Old people and children got sick from the water. Now we draw water from the pipe and it is much better.  We are healthy, we don’t all get sick, and my mother and I don’t have to walk so far. It is a big change!”

A person’s heart can only be filled with joy as the progress of the work is revealed in reaching the hidden and hurting of Afghanistan.  GHNI has been engaged here for over 10 years now and is amazed at how they have not only been able to stay, but to really impact. They have had amazing advancements and report thousands of changed lives through Sustainable Development projects, which lift people out of dire poverty and dependency on western support.

No one knows what the future holds for these precious folks that have asked GHNI to teach them how to sustainably help themselves.

Sherdosh Village Project Results:

  •  People in the village have access to water all year -round from the mountain via the    pipeline
  • Incidences of waterborne illnesses have decreased
  • A separate watering hole for animals has been completed
  • One  woman  trained  to teach  women  BLiSS  (Birth Life Saving Skills) which is effective in reducing infant mortality rates
  • Nearby villages have been surveyed and  are ready to partner

Thank you for your support!