Pictures And Stories From Somalia

This man said, “I have been walking 5 days to come here from Balladweyne to get food for my family! Now I can go back to them,” he said, “ I give thanks to Allah and will pray for you all the way back to my family!”

Most of the people were in the same situation, they do not have a peaceful place to return to. But they said “We will stay here until we get peace.” They asked for more help like adequate housing, health facilities and schooling for their children. But their biggest need for now is food and water. “If one of us is sick, we do not have money to buy medicine, so, please help us and God will help you.” Today we got food for one month but we do not know what will happen after this gets finished.”

This woman’s little boy is her grandson. The mother died and the father left one day looking for food and has never come back. She does not know where he is. “I am very sad about my son. I do not know where to go or how to find him. I came here and I do not have a house or food. If I finish this food (that she just received) I do not know where to go. So please help me more.