Orphans and Widows of HIV/AIDS

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It’s no secret that HIV and AIDS is a leading cause of death in Kenya. Here’s the story of one village whose community is making plans to curb the statistics.

Widow of HIV/AIDS

Widow of HIV/AIDS

Attir Village, Kenya

“Mama Veronica is HIV and AIDS victim. She has given birth to nine children, of which none are alive, but they all left behind one or two children which some of them are also HIV positive.

“She is the most desperate woman in the village. Nobody love her. She has no job or any form of income. All those children goes from house to house begging for food at least to keep them alive. They have bad record of stealing other people property as part of their daily routine.

“As we are doing our weekly home visiting program, we come across these women whom nobody wants to associate with.

“As she shared her sad story we were overwhelmed with emotion, not knowing what to do, where to start from, and so many questions come to our mind. At first we thought of a place where we can take all these orphans. And second how to help those who are HIV positive and Veronica herself.

“As we spoke to agencies which help orphan children in Isiolo, we were not give a clear answer on how they will be helped. But we are hoping for the best.

“We also partnered with government hospital which took responsibility to give these women and those who are HIV positive some anti-viral drug to reduce the strength of the disease. They also promise to gave her some multivitamins and plump nut park for some time.

“We are grateful to all our partners and for these woman who lost help and hope, but now seeing some light ahead of her. We are still helping and trusting God will gave us more wisdom on how to restore hope to this doomed family.”

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