Mama Halima’s New Kitchen

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GHNI leaders see Mama Halima’s new kitchen

GHNI leaders see Mama Halima’s new kitchen



Mothers worldwide want their children to be happy and healthy. This woman had no idea why her children were getting sick so often until she began taking wellness lessons through GHNI’s Transformational Community Development program…and it changed their lives!

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

“Mama Halima’s family health has been transformed. She is one of the women whose life has really transformed through the wellness lesson that local GHNI staff have taught.

“Mama Halima is a mother of four and lived in a single room which is her bedroom, sitting room, and kitchen. Many times her younger children do not attend the school due to eye infection caused by the smokes from the fire without enough ventilation. Since the mother is not educated, she has no idea on the danger of some respiratory diseases which might affect her children even later in life.

“Because GHNI staff include ‘wellness’ in our curriculum, we started those lessons in Ola Nagele. Many, many women have attended the weekly lessons, and have learnt many different topics of diseases, causes, and preventive measures.

“Mama Halima is one among the many who benefited and learnt the importance of having her kitchen outside her house. Without wasting time, Mama Halima immediately took it seriously and built her small cooking area outside her house. She used sticks and some iron to make a simple kitchen where she now cooks comfortably without any danger to her children.

“Mama Halima is so grateful for the education and knowledge she gained. She is still aiming to learn more.”

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