Land Yields Wealth

Mudiyambo, Ethiopia

ET-003-Mudiyambo-13Q2-Photo-3-of-5-225x300Families in Mudiyambo, Ethiopia are grateful for a new source of income. This wealth came about through the initiative of a women’s group cooperative farm. Here’s the story from the Ethiopia leaders:

“The Mudiyambo women group harvested a large quantity of peppers from their cooperative farm-land. The sale of the peppers as well as other produce provided them with an income greater than most of the people of the village, including the tradition elite – the herdsmen. This is the first time some of these women have ever earned any income of their own. With this newfound wealth they are able to better meet their families’ basic needs.

“Nearly 200 households benefit from Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Mudiyambo. The village has especially seen great progress in agriculture and wellness activities. Most of the community have their own toilet and the rest of the community also have tendency to have their own toilet. The community also understood the benefit of education and they are discussing with their neighbours about how sending their children to school is very important. They are really happy after they see all the benefits of TCD and they are preparing more land for to get more income.”

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