It’s All in the Eggs

Originally posted on the GHNI website.

Did you know the cost of a dozen eggs remains fairly consistent globally? And eggs are an important staple across cultures. Filled with vital protein, omega-3 fats, B vitamins and other nutrients, eggs pack a nutritional punch. Chicken farming can be an important component for villagers working to rise out of poverty in Africa, Asia and the Middle East!

Nutritional value aside, for many families who previously lived on only $2/day raising chickens provides significant additional income. This could mean, for example, that parents have resources to pay their children’s school fees where education was previously an unfulfilled hope.

In fact, raising chickens is a project the whole family can participate in to learn sustainability. Not only are parents creating a better life for their children, but children are learning the importance of perseverance. As the family is faithful to care for and cultivate their brood of chickens, experiencing the rewards and challenges of farming, they become key players in the transformation of the whole village.

The thought of the amazing things we do with eggs (Christmas morning quiche, anyone?) gets even the novice chef excited! But even more meaningful is a family rising out of extreme poverty to become self-sustaining.

Join us in the fight against poverty this holiday season! Give a pair of egg-laying chickens to a village family today.