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A cluster of villages in the Holy Land which we call 10th Leper Village is the newest addition to GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. The people in this village cluster have endured generations of poverty resulted from lack of employment, health care, and education opportunities. Recent wars in surrounding areas have brought refugee camps to further diminish the villagers’ livelihoods.

Desperate for change, the people of 10th Leper Village welcomed the start of TCD this past April. The first program started was a course for 14 college and secondary students; girls and boys.

Students engage in TCD

Students engage in TCD

A GHNI-Holy Land leader shares, “They are so excited with this course. These people are doing a great job voluntarily. Their hearts are to help their village and be more influencers.

“One time we presented a lesson called ‘Jumping out of the Box.’ This lesson has had a significant impact for all the attendees. Ben** is age 20. He is very shy, not relational person and not sharing like others. When he got this lesson, we noticed that he was very encouraged and says we have to not be limited in our thinking or our abilities. After the session is finished, Ben says, ‘I was so encouraged from this lesson and I have to start to change of my way of thinking and jump out from the box.’”

*For purposes of security and well-being, “10th Leper Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project and “Holy Land” is a pseudonym of the country where the village is located.
**For purposes of security and well-being, “Ben” is a pseudonym of the person being helped by this project.

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