Ethiopian Women Empowered through Farming

Women in Garmaam Village used to shoulder most of the family responsibilities, but all that is changing. Where men tended to avoid work and live off their wives’ income, the wives are now inspiring them to contribute to their families. Through Transformational Community Development (TCD), women in several Ethiopian villages formed farming cooperatives. Now, not only are they being empowered to increase their family’s income, but their husbands have taken notice of their successful harvests.

Uditu’s Story

Uditu lives in Mudiyambo Village. This 27-year-old mother of three is leading the women’s group, becoming one of the first TCD trainers in her village. She has encouraged her group members to work hard and change their life.

One TCD worker, Lishanu, shares, “During our visit I was asking her about her activities in the women’s group. She said she was very lucky to get the chance to receive the TCD training. She said, ‘After I get this training, my life changed completely. Now I have my own income to help my family.’”

Besides working on the group farm, she has her own garden through which she generates additional income. She had never earned any money on her own, but now makes on average 700 Birr per month (about $35) by selling different vegetables and mangoes.

“With this money she has been able to send her three children to school for the first time,” says Lishanu. “Although it doesn’t sound like a lot of money, combined with her share from the group earnings, she has built three additional rooms on her house.”

Helma’s Story

From a young age, Helma was engaged in illegal contraband business. She is now 30 years old and lives in Alishow Village with her two children. When TCD workers started working in her village, it was not easy for her to understand how engaging in their lessons could help her, and she was against it. However, when she saw the results from her friends, she later joined the groups and started working. From her first harvest, Helma made 7,000 Birr (about $350)—more than an entire year’s earnings in her previous line of work—by selling tomatoes, cabbage, and onions.

Women’s Group in Tuka Village

Watch this 73 second video and be inspired by this group of women!

Women Generate Income in Tuka from Global Hope Network Int’l on Vimeo.

Join us as we strive to empower women like Uditu and Helma to inspire their communities!

Originally posted on the GHNI website