While sipping an exceptional cup of coffee in a far-off country, a humanitarian aid worker realized that he held in his hands the means for bringing sustainable community development to many of the Third World countries in which he served. He recognized that coffee is a commodity that passes though all levels of society, from the humblest farmer to the wealthiest dignitary. So after sharing his ideas with coffee importers, business managers, financiers, philanthropists, they all said it could be done–so Coffee Without Borders was born.

Coffee Without Borders uses the global currency of coffee to improve the quality of life for people living in developing countries. As one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world, coffee is primarily cultivated in poor countries, while the majority of it is consumed by the wealthy.

As such, we recognize the importance of fair trade, which assures that the small coffee farmer in developing countries will receive a proper price for their product and labors. In addition, we will go one step further by returning 100% of our profits to the humanitarian aid organizations like Global Hope Network International, who invests in sustainable community development and other humanitarian assistance projects. So enjoy a great cup of coffee and be further warmed by knowing also, you are helping others too.