Computer Center Plays Vital Role in Education

College students are grateful to have access to computer center

College students are grateful to have access to computer center

In small rural areas in India, education can be a challenge due to lack of access to technology.  Sushil Marandi, Global Hope Network International leader in India, oversees the Jharkhand Computer Institute which aids students living in Dumka.  He reports,

“This computer center continues to be used to further the computer skills and technical education of its recipients.  It currently holds 20 computers that are being used to maximum capacity during open hours.  Being located near a college campus, these skills are of utmost importance, especially given the acceleration of economics and education levels within India at-large. 

Dumka as a city is somewhat isolated from mainstream transportation links to major cities in India.  This further illustrates the degree of need for this computer center and its clients.  Computer centers are a great method to continue helping people (especially young people) ramp up their varied technical skills, elevating them to be on par with other technically advanced students in larger metropolitan areas. 

The competition is fierce in the major markets of technical exchange, where major corporations are hiring only the very best graduates.  This computer center is vital in this role!”

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