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Turkey Quake: Atypical Relief

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by Jeff Latsa, Field Director Yasar used to be a drug addict hooked on heroin. Yasar was caught in a death spiral with no possible way of pulling out. Then his world got rocked. As a matter of fact, the whole region got rocked – literally. Last November an earthquake hit the city of Van, […]

The Three “L’s”

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 by Jonathan Ahlschwede, Horn of Africa Partner Coordinator Humanitarian development not about projects, it’s about people. At GHNI we run a rural village development program called Transformational Community Development (TCD). About three quarters of the program is coaching, the other quarter is demonstrating simple projects and ideas that people in a village can take and […]

From Shame to Leadership, Leah’s Story

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 by Phil Costello, Indonesia Country Director Daeng Leah was born and raised in Camba Berua and is the daughter of the local village leader. She met her “sweet heart” outside of Camba Berua, fell in love and got married. She and her husband rented a house in Camba Berua right after getting married and began […]